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Niki Taylor: Life in the fast lane left this supermodel divorced with twins at the age of 21, amid a few other personal struggles.

Now with her NASCAR- driver husband, 1-year-old baby girl, and two teenage boys, Niki’s loving life  at a much slower pace.

What’s it like to have teenagers and a baby?

Everybody gets along wonderfully, and the boys [Jake and Hunter] are great with Ciel [SEE-el]. She just digs ’em. She always says, “Oh, there’s my brudders!” We’ve been talking about having another baby. It would be nice to give her a little brother or sister pretty soon. Plus I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

What were the benefits of having kids when you were so young?

I had them at 19, but I knew when I was 16 that I wanted to have kids early. I had more energy then. I never really thought about having to run after two of ’em and having to change double diapers. I feel bad for people who are my age having twins. It’s a lot of work!

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Hot Moms Club sat down with beautiful actress Garcelle Beauvais on screen she plays a beautiful sophisticated women, off-screen she’s a down to earth and hands-on mom who prefers sweats and slippers to strapless dresses and heels…

Garcelle with sons Jaid (left) and Jax

The best compliment I’ve received recently… the other day at the park, someone told me, “Gosh, I see you here all the time.” That made me feel so good, because that’s who I want to be—a hands-on mom. I really pride myself in being present. I’m very involved with my children [Oliver, 19; Jax and Jaid, age 2], and I put so much time, effort, and love into them. My kids are more important to me than my career.

Raising twins…isn’t always easy. They often want to be held at the same time, so while I’m holding one, the other is tugging on me to pick him up. Nighttime feedings with twins…can also be pretty challenging. I’d have both of them up and I would just look at my husband and be like, “There’s a poopy diaper and there’s a feeding. Who do you want?”

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Denise Richards wearing a Hot Moms Club tee shirt on the set of indie comedy film Mother’s Little Helpers about a rebellious teen who recruits his high school student class to start an all-boy escort service catering to the sexy cougars in an affluent Californian town. Mother’s Little Helpers stars Jim Belushi, Kathryn Morris, Denise Richards, Kyle Gallner, Sarah Hyland, Ryan Pinkston, Rebecca Mader and Christian Murphy.

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Photo by Lisa Franchot

You know this seasoned actress from Jericho and National Treasure 2….

How are you preparing your other two daughters for the birth?

This pregnancy was a huge surprise to us. Really, out of left field. I cannot really say that anything is new or different, except finally, my maybe having the understanding that what I am in control of in my life is limited to making a bowl of cereal. I pretty much know the turnout on that.  It is actually quite a relief in a way; to accept and embrace what very simply is. We are delighted to be having another girl. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen to me. My eldest daughter Mila put it best…when we initially told her she would have another baby sister she was thoughtful for a bit and said “You know Mommy, sometimes God gives us something we are not prepared for.” Truer words were never spoken. Once we all got over the shock, the awe set in; Esmé, our 13 month old daughter, points to my belly, then hers and says “baby.” Mila is planning their rooms and who’s going to sleep where and we all can’t wait to meet this little girl. My advice to any older child welcoming a sibling is to love that baby… he or she might one day be your best friend.

Do you have any funny stories from sets you have worked on?
One of my most treasured memories is on the set of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. We were shooting on Mt. Rushmore where the weather can change on a dime. I had on a few layers and it was getting warmer. With no where to change, Helen Mirren helped me take off my undershirt under my wardrobe shirt without anyone noticing ala Jennifer Beals in “Falshdance” taking off her bra! I thought, Holy Crap! Helen Mirren! It doesn’t get any better than that.

What is the funniest thing anyone has said to you while pregnant?
“What? No TV?”

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What’s in a Name?

4 Feb, 2010 in: About

Photo by Lisa Franchot

Stars of Bravo’s hit show Millionaire Matchmaker Destin and Rachel have been getting a lot of backlash recently about the name they chose for their son; Sin Halo.

I spoke with both of them this week to discuss.
Destin said, “we have gotten a lot of hate mail, blogs are bashing us, saying ‘our parental license should be taken away, and that we weren’t thinking of him, the blogs are intolerant and mean, it’s hurtful to hear that.  He’s a beautiful little baby with a very unique name and very unique parents.”

Rachel explained,   “I think it is a beautiful name…   Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone has good and bad in them, he’s a little Sin Halo… And when we look at him we can’t imagine him being called anything else.  If he wants to change his name when he gets older or go by his middle name Jude, we will support that.”

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