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Hot Moms Club

Hot adj. Arousing intense interest and excitement.
Moms n. Women who raise and nurture a child / children.
Club n. A group of people organized for a common purpose.

A Hot Mom is a woman who is confident and empowered. Being a Hot Mom is an attitude and a lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what race, shape or size, EVERY mom can be a Hot Mom! The HMC team welcomes you to join our club

The Hot Moms Club was started in 2005 by two moms on a mission to redefine the traditional image of motherhood. There has never been a hotter time to be a mom than now and The Hot Moms Club has been at the pulse of this movement.

There is a new generation of mothers, and the Hot Moms Club speaks their language!
~ actress and mom Eva La Rue

The Club every mom wants to be a part of!
~ Tyra Banks

The Hot Moms Club is doing for moms what Sex in the City did for single women…empower them.
~ Natasha Henstridge

Our philosophy is simple, you are not the best mom unless you are the best YOU. What started out as an idea in our toy littered living rooms has quickly turned into a movement helping moms everywhere live more powerful lives. We hope you use this site as an emotional, inspirational and informational resource. We support and promote amazing mothers like yourself, we encourage you to share your wisdom and experiences. It hasn’t been easy juggling the responsibilities of HMC and getting our kids to their activities on time, we’re still not really sure how we’re doing it all. The Hot Mom’s Club is ever evolving, our team is working hard to make this website everything we envision and you deserve.
~ Jessica Denay and Joy Bergin, founders