The Hot Mom To Be Handbook: Womb With A View
If you think planning your wedding was tough, try planning your birth! As founder of the Hot Moms Club and author of Moms Have More Fun!, Jessica Denay is regarded as one of the leading “mom” experts. She has been featured and quoted in dozens of magazines and has appeared on more than 100 television shows and multiple television networks, including the Today Show, CNN, The Insider, ABC, NBC, and Fox, sharing advice for new moms. Having tried hundreds of products herself and working daily with leading moms in the pregnancy field, Jessica highlights her favorite sites, goods, stories, and advice.

HarperCollins recently bought the book series and is re-branding and re-launching it in January 2010.


"With so many options available today, this book is your fun, tongue-in-cheek guide through the world of growing pregnancy possibilities!"
-Brooke Burke, Actress, Host, Celebrity Mom of 4

I wish I'd had Womb with a View when I was pregnant because so many pregnancy books focus on just the physical or emotional changes of pregnancy. This valuable tome is truly a handbook for Hot Moms because it tells you like it is and helps you prepare for your new role."
-Danielle Friedland, publisher and president of Celebrity Baby Blog.

“Whether it’s avoiding McDreamy and McSteamy doctors while you’re expecting, creating ‘decoy’ baby names and Hot Mommy ‘mocktails,’ or combating Dad’s ‘post party’ depression… The Hot Mom-to-be Handbook: Womb with a View offers a plethora of information sure to make you laugh and get you even more excited about your new baby.”
Zoe Alexander, editor TV Guide and founder of Divas Who Dine

"The Hot Mom To Be Handbook" is so full of great ideas, wonderful advice, and fabulous ways to be a hot mom despite the fact you're the size of a minivan, that it makes even me want to be pregnant again!
Joanne Kimes, author of "Pregnancy Sucks"




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The Hot Moms Handbook: Moms Have More Fun!
The Hot Mom's Handbook is the official guide to the 'Hot Mom' movement and the ultimate resource for any mom who refuses to check her sense of style and sexuality at the white picket fence! This handbook tosses all those 'mom' stereotypes right out the minivan window and reveals the eight secrets guaranteed to transform every mom into a Hot Mom!

With insights from Jessica Denay's personal journey, this handbook holds lighthearted advice, stories, and quotes from unique and inspirational Hot Moms from all walks of life.

Lauren Holly wrote the foreword, and other celebrity mom contributors include, Kelly Preston, Cher, Niki Taylor, Holly Robinson Peete, Kathie Lee Gifford, Carnie Wilson, Meredith Brooks, and many more!

The Hot Mom's Handbook has been featured in People Magazine,  the New York Times, the Today's show, Women's Day and in dozens of other magazines, newspapers, websites and television shows.  It is available at all major bookstores including Borders and Barnes and Noble, and of course


"A Nurturing, Uplifting Take on Contemporary Motherhood"

(c) 2006 Christine Louise Hohlbaum

This book made me want to get up and dance!

Organically tapping into our own creativity is what Hot Moms are all about. Forget the Mommy Wars, the stereotypes and the cultural dissonance which disempowers our vision. The Hot Mom's Handbook uplifts our maternal spirits, raises us above burned dinners and household chores to our higher selves, the people we've always been but have forgotten amidst the dirty laundry and mile-long list of commitments.

The book is divided into eight chapters with reflective questions, commitments and pages for journal-like entries at the end of each. It is reminiscent of Sarah Ban Breathnach's Gratitude journals, but The Hot Mom's Handbook has a tighter focus. It's all about moms and how we can live more powerful lives.

My favorite line was from Chapter Six, "Every Mom has an Inner Siren":

"Think you don't have an 'inner siren'? Every woman has one. She may be buried behind those clothes you just sniffed and pulled from the hamper, but I promise, she's in there, and it's time to let her loose!"

This book shares testimonials from astounding women whose insight into contemporary motherhood will leave you with a warm feeling. At times I laughed out loud. What a relief! I'm allowed time away from the kids, guilt free. It sounds simple, and it is. But you wouldn't believe how much we mothers need to hear it to truly believe it. This book assures us moms that we are on the right path to reclaiming our rights as individuals.

After all, moms are the most creative people around. We create life. Thankfully, we have Hot Moms to remind us we create ourselves, and our attitudes, too.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American author of Diary of a Mother and SAHM I Am: Tales of a Stay-at-Home Mom in Europe

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