Professionally Jessica was regarded as a “leading mom lifestyle expert” — but you can find more about all that on the media page…

Jessica is a “Jersey Girl” born and raised… she’s long left behind her aqua net, shoulder pads and acid washed jeans, but can’t help “tawk” with her hands when she gets excited and still goes crazy for her mom’s homemade pasta fagioli and Bruce Springsteen. In what seems like a lifetime ago, she taught at a ‘last chance’  high school for troubled youth… when the school was closed for lack of funding Jessica got her first “Blessing in Disguise” lesson in life, she was forced to change course and began teaching privately in Manhatten for teen performers on Broadway and young professional athletes. As luck or fate would have it, she began working with Keely and Pierce Brosnan’s son in 1998 during the filming of Thomas Crown Affair — she got along with the family so well they hired her full time, thus forever rerouting the course of her life — an incredible experience, with them she traveled the world and met some legendary people.  The Brosnans cultivated her passion for art, the environment, and healthy eating. She relocated to Los Angeles and continued working for the family until 2005 when Hot Moms Club was born. 

Jessica was married to actor Bryan Dattilo (“Lucas” Days of Our Lives) and they share a 20 year old son…one of her proudest accomplishments is how well they co-parent and that they have worked so well together to create such a healthy stable environment for him to grow…and grow and grow, (he is 6.3 feet tall and towers over his mom!)

Jessica’s second lesson in “when life gives you lemons”… navigating as a single mom — was the motivation in creating Hot Moms Club….

Jessica loves the beach, avocados, photography, acoustic music, English accents, high heels, NYC at Christmas time, the smell of Sandalwood, her son’s laugh, and the number 3.  She loves to travel and is always up for an adventure. (she has climbed to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, fed wild monkeys in Bali, rode Elephants in Thailand, got trapped in an elevator in Argentina, took her first helicopter ride up the coast of Ireland after spending a week at Ashford Castle, she got soaked at the famed Blue Grotto in Capri Italy, walked the Formula One track in Monaco, visited a beach with real Penguins in South Africa,  and been snorkeling just about everywhere the water is warm-Bora Bora and Belize being her favorite.