Jessica Denay and Joy Bergin launched Hot Moms Club in February 2005, it was the first website and mom brand to speak to moms as women not just as parents…

Jessica says,  “Hot Moms Club is meant to be cheeky and fun, to inspire confidence, if we were the Practical Moms Club we wouldn’t be in business today. Our philosophy is simple,  ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the best YOU!’  Being a ‘Hot Mom’ is an attitude, a way of being, a lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what age, shape or size, there is a ‘Hot Mom’ inside of every mom and we help break her loose!”

Centered in Los Angeles, Jessica and Joy were on the pulse of the celebrity baby boom and able to capitalize on their Hollywood friends and contacts, connecting brands with celebrities to host high profile baby showers and events.  (Being one of the first companies to do so).

“Hot Moms Club had the right message at the right time, it was needed and we filled that void”… Jessica jokes, “the fact that Hot Moms Club was successful in spite of our lack of business experience and many blunders is a huge testiment to the idea!”

Today more than a decade later moms continue to show their love and support,  Hot Moms Club is the largest moms group on Facebook with over 5.8 million fans and growing.

In May 2018 Hot Moms Club sold to

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Hot Moms Club founders Jessica Denay, Joy Bergin and HMC CEO Natalie Klein.